Benefits of Scented Candles | Clarri Hill

April 16, 2021

Benefits of Scented Candles | Clarri Hill

For centuries, candles have been a significant part of human history and are one of the oldest methods used to lighten up a room. Scented candles are nearly as old as candles themselves. 

In ancient China, they used to layer different fragrances of incense inside candles, and the change in fragrance after a particular time was deemed the beginning of a new hour. 

Candles became old-fashioned after a while because of the advent of electricity. Now, candles have evolved into what we now know as scented candles. The scents now have benefits in aromatherapy that complements our lives today. 

Burning scented candles do not just beautify your room but are a significant and proven ways to help reduce mental stress and aid focus.

Here are some of the benefits of scented candles.

Scented candles help to increase focus

Placing a couple of candles around your desk for decorative purposes might seem a little weird, but considering that it can actually help you focus should strengthen your conviction. Certain candle fragrances like lemon, orange, and rosemary can stimulate your mind and strengthen your focus. 

If you find it difficult to stay off your phone and focus on tidying up the rough bunch of files on your desk, then you just might have been underestimating the power of a good scented candle. 

They relieve stress

It is scientifically proven that when humans are in a state of calm, it is easier to have a darn good sleep. During aromatherapy, scented candles are known to disperse their calming properties into the air.

Candle scents with notes of chamomile, lavender, and frankincense, in particular, are known to aid stress relief. The next time you feel like you’ve got the whole weight of the world on your shoulders, light a scented candle with the aforementioned fragrances. 

They can help in fighting off depression

Scents are known to activate positive memories which is a great way to improve your mood per time. In Japan, a study was conducted on 12 participants who were battling depression. They were placed in a room filled with lemon fragrance. In the end, it was discovered that the scent lowered depression and increased their immune function.

The next time you remember that bad occurrence that either took your loved one or priced possession, try to light a candle with lemon or rosemary scents, focus on the scent, and watch the depressing thoughts leave your mind. Yes, it works like magic!

Scented candles induce sleep

The medically recommended time to sleep is about 8 hours every day. If you are not getting these hours of sleep, you might just be exposing yourself to long-term negative health effects. 

Candle scents are sure methods of improving sleep because they drive out thoughts of anxiety and workload waiting on your desk the next morning. As long as your mind is wandering around thinking several thoughts, getting good sleep will prove difficult. This is where burning scented candles come in handy. They calm your mind, ease your stress, and ultimately make you sleep healthily.

They help you live a generally healthy life

A healthy mind and a healthy body make up a healthy person. Scented candles are just perfect to help you achieve this. You might be wondering how. Well, here’s how.

As we have seen earlier, scented candles relieve stress, calms the mind, and fight off depression. This makes up for a healthy mind. Scented candles also help to induce healthy sleep which makes up for a healthy body. More so, candle scents like jasmine, strawberry, and eucalyptus are known to relieve physical pains which make up for a healthy body.

Combining each benefit, it can be concluded that scented candles aid the overall wellness of your body.


We want to help you live your healthiest life, and these benefits of scented candles will help you do that. Gifting them to your loved ones will help contribute to their well-being, and you can educate them on the benefits.

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