Sleep Better at Night Using Aroma Diffusers | Clarri Hill

November 24, 2020

Sleep Better at Night Using Aroma Diffusers | CLARRI HILL

Life can be stressful, and getting a good night’s sleep can seem like a challenge in today’s world. A lack of sleep is a huge inconvenience, but prolonged lack of sleep can have lasting negative effects on our health. Ranging from weaker immune systems, cognitive impairments, and mood instability, insomnia has a way of controlling our well-being. For those who suffer from an over active mind, or simply have trouble sleeping, using aroma diffusers could be a powerful tool to ensure you get the best out of your sleep. This all natural way of enhancing sleep, can help you to not only relax mentally and physically, but also boost performance and heighten your mood.

The practice of aromatherapy used for sleep has been around for centuries. Essential oils have transformed over the years to be more powerful and effective in promoting emotional, physically and spiritual well being. But why are diffused essential oils so powerful to our minds and bodies? The answer lies in our potent senses of smell. Certain smells have direct impacts on our moods and behaviours, because our nostrils carry these smells directly to the surface of our brains via the olfactory nerve. Without using too much science, this is the one sense that has direct access to our brain!

Using various essential oils with a diffuser is a useful tool in helping you to relax, fall asleep and sleep more soundly. By improving sleep quality and providing relief for sleep disruption, diffusers work as a natural sleep aid. Our minds are always very active, and for some people finding that ‘off switch’ at night can be really difficult. With constant world stresses, depression, anxiety, stress and sleep can intertwine. They can be big barriers to having relaxing and sound sleep. Using diffusers with essential oils such as lavender, chamomile or cedarwood can lessen depression, anxiety and stress effects, improving sleep indirectly.


But not only can diffusers do wonders for your sleep patterns, they provide benefits to the air in your home while you sleep. Diffusers cleanse the molecules in your air, purifying it and ensuring it is not overloaded with harsh unhealthy chemicals. When essential oils are diffused into the air, they can be highly effective in combating free radicals in the air. So your brain is in an ultimate relax mode, while your body is inhaling clean purified air!

A good night’s sleep is essential to our health and happiness, and diffusers can provide you with the optimal sleep environment. Choose an essential oil that pleases your nose, find a comfy pillow, and start sleeping while your diffuser works its magic.

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