Essential Oils that are Safe for Cats, Dogs & Other Pets | Clarri Hill

December 21, 2020

Essential Oils that are Safe for Cats, Dogs & Other Pets | CLARRI HILL

Essential oils are a natural way to enhance your daily routine, boost mood and balance your life. This popular method has so many health benefits, but what most people don’t realize is some oils can harmful to our pets. Here's how to properly incorporate them into your household to keep your furry friends safe.


A dog’s sense of smell is so powerful; they will sense even the subtlest aroma in your home. That’s why it’s super important to be cautious what you diffuse around your dogs. One versatile oil that can be a relaxation tool for you and your dog is Lavender. Lavender works wonders on the brain, promoting calm and restful moods for any stressed out pup. Another stress-easer oil that can even help with an upset stomach is Chamomile. Here's a list of oils that are safe and oils to avoid around your furry best friend:

Safe for Dogs:
    Avoid Using Around Dogs:


      Cuddling next to your little furry kitty, in a beautifully scented home is the best feeling. But we have to be careful what we diffuse because cats have an even more sensitive nose than pups. Like dogs, Chamomile is a great essential oil to use around your cat (but only in short amounts of time). One of the best oils you want to try for your kitty is Cedarwood. Not only is this essential oil safe for cats, but it can be the trick for total flea control. Here's a list of oils that are safe and oils to avoid around your purrfect buddy:

      Safe for Cats:
        Avoid Using Around Cats:
        Tea Tree
        Ylang Ylang



          For all other pets, it’s hard to point to any specific oils that will be safe because it really does depend on which little friend you have. It’s important to always check with your veterinarian which oils will be safe for your specific pet. As a general rule: the smaller your pet size, the lower the concentration of oils should be.


          As with any new substance introduced to your pets, it’s important to use safety and precaution when using essential oils. When using oils, check with your veterinarian before diffusing and always keep a look out at your pet’s reaction. And no matter what pet you have, the same rule applies: Dilution is the best solution! Always dilute your oils and it will do wonders.

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