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June 10, 2021

Your Kitchen – Cooking Smells & Room Sprays | Room Refresh Edition  | Clarri Hill

Preparing food and experiencing all the pleasant aromas that come with it can be not-so-pleasant the morning after. Be it the lingering smell of fish, fried chicken or even burnt food, the last thing one would want is for guests to walk in and experience that unpleasant smell left behind by last night’s dinner. These lingering food aromas may also find their home on various items around the kitchen and even the lounge (in the case of open plan spaces). For example, dish cloths, curtains and couches tend to absorb food aromas and odours causing them to linger much longer than they should. So how do you get rid of those cooking smells? 

Open a window? 

While opening the windows to let some fresh air in might mitigate this, luxury room sprays are not only effective but they are an excellent way to revitalise the aroma in your kitchen and leave it smelling much fresher for longer. Unlike regular air-fresheners, luxury room sprays quickly absorb unwanted odours without overdoing it.

Perhaps one of the most daunting tasks about using room sprays in the kitchen is deciding on the right fragrance. The last thing you want is to have your kitchen exuding scents reminiscent of your bedroom or your bathroom so it is very important to choose the right fragrance. Whereas in the bedroom, for instance, you would want to create an ambience that is calming, soothing and relaxing, your kitchen needs to give off that crisp “just-opened-the-window” fresh atmosphere. For your kitchen area, you might want to avoid fragrances that are musky and spicy – these are more suited for warmer and more layered spaces and textures.

Room sprays with citrus and floral notes are an absolute pleasure to experience in the kitchen giving you and your guests that outdoors feeling of inhaling the freshest air in a garden or enjoying the sea breeze. A pleasant and fresh-smelling kitchen not only radiates cleanliness but inspires it:  when your kitchen smells good, you want to keep it clean. For guests, a kitchen that smells fresh speaks volumes about not only the levels of cleanliness but it is also welcoming and brings a sense of comfort.

Using Room Sprays Effectively in Your Kitchen

When using room sprays in the kitchen area it is also important to remember that all the steam from the cooking travels to the corners of the ceiling; so those areas would need to be directly sprayed to effectively eliminate odours. What is also key is ensuring that your windows and doors are open to allow the air to facilitate the circulation of the fragrance around your kitchen. 

To guide you in choosing the best fragrances for your kitchen, we have selected a few luxury room sprays from our range which will undoubtedly leave your kitchen feeling and smelling super fresh! 

Beach Room Spray. Our Beach Room Spray is the perfect scent if you want that fresh, ocean breeze feeling in your kitchen. The top secent notes are Lime, rosemary herbal notes, fresh green, orange, lemon, grapefruit, peach and pineapple. Yum!

White Lily Room Spray

While White Lily-scented fragrances work perfectly in bedrooms, the crispness and freshness of this fragrance makes it an absolute winner for your kitchen as well. The top scent notes in this fragrance are water lily, apple, lemon and green leafy grass.        

Evergreen Room Spray

As the name suggests, this fragrance oozes nature and secenic landscapes. Your kitchen will take your guests on a journey of unparalleled vibrance, tranquility and purity. The top scent notes in this fragrance are Green, ozonic and orange. Absolutely fresh!

 A clean, fresh-smelling kitchen needn’t be a chore! If you aren’t a fan of scented candles or diffusers, luxury room sprays get the job done and excellently so.

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