Which Scented Candle Is Right For You? | Clarri Hill

April 15, 2021

Which Scented Candle Is Right For You? | Clarri Hill

If you love fresh fragrances filling your home, scented candles are perfect for you. But do you ever have a hard time finding the right scent? 

When someone visits your home, you want to have scent that says something and your home and you. A therapeutic scent that gives your guest a feeling of tranquility and calm.

People are usually drawn to a particular type of scent. In fact, in our olfactory system, there is an intriguing connection between scent, memory, and emotions that is carried out by our brain. This is why you have the ability to differentiate between millions of different scents.

Scented candles are as powerful as the effect of music and colour to us. All of these things can take a cue from our memories and affect our mood at a particular time. Let's help you find your perfect scent! 

Determining Your Scented Candle Fragrance

Amber Wood Candle

Having been extracted from the woods by the dry distillation of fossil resin, Amber is warm with a little blend of floral Citrus. This elegant scent is not just pleasing to the nose, but also great for aromatherapy.

Its therapeutic fragrance helps to calm the heart and mind, alleviate pain, boost mental energy and focus, as well as boost circulation in your body. This popular scent is the perfect blend of woodsy, citrus & floral. 

Cassis Candle

The scent of Cassis is a beautiful blend of sweet and pleasant citrus notes and calming floral scent. This fragrance is irresistible and very attractive to the human nose.

It is useful for aromatherapy as it helps better your mood. This is because of its soothing fragrance that eases the mind. Cassis scent is also great for circulation and stimulation in the human body.

Clean Cotton Candle

This blend is a combination of fresh linen, carefully picked floral scents, and long-lasting musk. The aroma of clean cotton on a warm sunny day is nostalgic and calming. The most significant scent notes are sun-warmed cotton, bright citrus, and apple alongside an undertone of jasmine, rose, muguet, and clean musk.

The clean cotton candle fills the room, burns beautifully, and is fresh. It helps to set the tone of your mood to relaxing and rejuvenating.

Evergreen Candle

Extracted from the woods, the evergreen candle is an elegant blend of evergreen, pine, and basalm alongside an undertone of oakmoss and cedars. It fills the atmosphere of your room in the most calming way, like you are surrounded by a calm forest. 

This scent is natural, cool, and refreshing with every breath. Its therapeutic fragrance gives you a soothing relief after a long day and helps to keep your mind on track if you are working from home.

Lavender Vanilla Candle

This is made from the ever-refreshing Lavender, mixed with floral scents and an undertone of musk and patchouli. It is a perfect combination of fresh lavender, coconut, vanilla, and lemon.

Lavender is a common ingredient of aromatherapy known around the world. It helps to reduce stress and anxiety, alleviate pain, and promotes calmness of the mind. It further goes to combat insomnia because a healthy mind is a healthy body.

Sapphire Candle

The sapphire candle is a great blend of dry woods and frankincense, with an addition of Amber and cedar to aid the exotic appeal and a mild undertone of myrrh and patchouli.

This scent helps to restore balance to your body and can provide you a feeling of tranquility. It helps you to focus and brighten your mood. 

Sea Breeze Candle

This is fresh blend of citrus notes, little lavender, and sea salt. This is made specially to give you the gentle feeling of the seaside.

The fragrance is gentle, refreshing, calms the mind, and helps to build mental energy and focus.

Strawberry Orchid Candle

This is a fruity scent that consists of a mixture of fresh strawberry scent and green pear. It is a floral fragrance that has a dominant scent of orchid alongside undertones of honeysuckle and lily.

The benefits of this in aromatherapy are immense. They include refreshing the mind, balancing emotions, reducing fatigue, among other great benefits.

Suede Candle

This is a perfect blend of leather and citrus. This expertly crafted candle evokes the sensation of your favourite suede jacket. This blend will make you feel bold and sophisticated. It is a sultry combination of honey, spice, rose, and basil alongside mild undertones of amber, musk, vanilla, among other scents.

These are some of the best scented candles available. Make sure to go through their components and benefits over again to find the perfect one for you. You can also find out the perfect one to give your lover, friends, or family. Trust me, they would appreciate you for giving them such a thoughtful present.

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