Room Setting Ideas – Little Touches that make a Big Difference

May 14, 2021

Room Setting Ideas – Little Touches that make a Big Difference

After being locked inside for so many months and being confronted with intimate corners of your home for this long, it is completely understandable that you would want to change a few things. Or maybe this is your first time decorating your own place? Well, in this article we will explore small and inexpensive ways, tips and tricks to hit refresh on the way a room can make you feel.

Tip one – Rearrange your Furniture

Simple, zero-cost and instantly change the room by arranging your furniture in a new way. Use symmetry to create a cohesive look by easily mirroring what is on each side of the room. All it takes is a little creativity and some elbow grease and voila you’ve created that “new” feeling without spending a penny.

Tip two – Create an Accent Wall

Walls can be accented in various ways; namely adding colour by painting it, or updating it with accessories, such as picture frames, wall art, geometric motifs and adding texture with wooden panels and so on. The renter-friendly hack for accenting your walls would be by using removable wallpaper. It can highlight a wall in your living room or bedroom, and it can give your kitchen backsplash a more modern look with just a few sheets. The best part? Your landlord need not know.

Tip Three – Get a Living Accessory

Refresh your living space with a friendly house-plant, adding a natural element to your room immediately adds charm and a sense of tranquillity. This economical option not only adds the smallest little bit of green life to your space but also improves the overall aesthetic of the room. Having something to care for is also a sure-fire way to boost your mood. Be sure to get a houseplant that will suit your room aesthetic and that will be easily managed.

Tip Four – Create an Ambience

We all love the comfort of our bathrooms; warm and cosy; where we can retreat/hide from the world and relax after a tough day. Why not, add matching candle sets to suit the colours of your bathroom decor. Take it one step further with mini scented candles to truly set the mood.

Ah yes, let’s not forget the all-important guest bathroom; no matter what the interior design theme of your guest bedroom, the bathroom should exude a light and airy feel. Add personal touches to enhance your guest’s stay, with luxury hand creams and unscented candles for ambience and various pure essential oils paired with a Luxury Ceramic Diffuser. Change these little aroma accents to give a fresh experience without breaking the bank.

Bedroom space is certainly the most important place: If lockdown took this from you, I dare you to take it back by banning the dreaded electronics, no more taking meetings while getting dressed. Refresh your bedroom by diffusing pure lavender essential oil to create the perfect comfort zone in the ‘comfort of your home’.

Tip Five - Flower Power

There’s nothing more rejuvenating than walking into a room filled with the fresh fragrant flowers. Bringing nature inside your home can create a sense of freedom and adding a vase filled with your favourites is a cool copout to tip three, less admin and all of the liberty to change out your floral arrangements.

This luxury touch can easily be hacked, by adding synthetic flowers and spiriting the room with a complementary organic air freshener or spray. That way, you get all of the vibrance of seeing flowers and added aroma without having to purchase fresh flowers every time.

Tip Six – Clean up; Beam Up

The ultimate room-facelift duo; Cleaning up and Opening the Windows. The immense impact of just clearing away debris, tidying up cluttered spaces, using cool storage boxes to get knickknacks out of sight does a load of good. While opening the windows to let the sun rays beam through the panes would swiftly lift the spirit of the room. Remove any clutter that could be blocking the natural sunlight and add little touches to the area to accentuate the room’s warmth.

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