An Inclusive Guide to Gifting the Modern Mom | Clarri Hill

May 14, 2021

An Inclusive Guide to Gifting the Modern Mom | Clarri Hill

Motherhood, being a mom and being raised by the incredible human being we recognize as mom – we’re celebrating the day dedicated to the appreciation of this archetype: Mother’s Day! We’ve all been there, wondering what will be a good gift for mom, whether we’ve been planning well in advance or scrambling to get a Mother’s Day gift in time the sentiment is always the same. We love our moms!

As children of the enlightened age we have come to deeply understand that Motherhood is intrinsically the role of nurturer, the one who shapes us, cares for us – a soft place, a place of warm embrace. And we can’t help but realize that this lens/position can be experienced by more than what nature has defined by mere biology. So, in light of this we’re here to celebrate ALL MOMS – Our Moms and Yours. Whoever they are, biological mom, foster mom, guardian, grandma, step-mom or mother-in-law; they’re all precious to us and the role they played in nurturing us to adulthood is what we will be appreciating.

Here’s our top Mother’s Day gifts for every incredi-being on your list:

Before reviewing our list of gifts for her be sure to be mindful of what your mom has been dropping in their wish list for Christmas, Birthdays or other occasions as a rudder. No matter how luxe or inexpensive the gift, it will surely be cherished when chosen with care.

1. Personalized Piece of Jewellery

Jewels have long been a favourite among gifts for women, put a modern twist on it with a customized piece of jewellery expressing your love, or a cheeky note only mom can decipher. You can have initials, special dates, symbols and words inscribed on just about any piece; earrings, bangles, rings, necklaces and anklets.

2. Cosy, Cuddly Lounge Wear

This is almost always a winner, we love loungewear! Consider your mom and their day, what tasks are they busy with, what their favourite colours and textures are. Look at options that will be comfortable, flattering and best suited to their specific body type and most importantly can translate for them as they move through the various phases in their day.

3. Fancy Foodie Wares

This is for the resident food-centric mom, a mom that enjoys the high and lows of cooking while enjoying the spoils rendered from time in the kitchen. There’s a few items in this category, namely; food prep gadgets, personalized kitchenware, artisanal treats, vintage wine and gourmet getaways. Whether your mom loves to wow with homemade delights or relishes in decadent delicacies, it will help you decide.

4. Self-Care Centred Keepsakes

With all the noisy busyness of being a mom, think of gifts that are centred around caring for your mom. Gifts that will lighten her load, help connect them to their inner-selves, and reward them for being fragile. Like, yoga classes; aromatherapy oils, scented candles, de-stress personal care products, mandala colouring books, herb plants and handcrafted artisanal soaps. We have a few products in this category – view our handpicked mother’s day products here.

5. Goodwill Gifting

If we know moms, we know that they’re always reaching beyond themselves investing in the development of something vulnerable. If your mom has a heart for philanthropy, if they’ve been caring for something or someone, the best gift would be to give as they do. Donate your time, energy, money to the cause burning in their hearts. Or create a handcrafted piece of art or memento.

This concludes our all-inclusive guide to gifting the modern mom, celebrating all moms – our list may’ve not been specific but it is surely inspirational. We hope we inspired you to appreciate your mom’s uniqueness and draw a winning gift from these five gifting categories.

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