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January 03, 2021

12 Gifts For People Who Are Hard To Buy For | CLARRI HILL

We all know that feeling of shopping for a tricky family member or a coworker. It's always the thoughts: “They have everything” or “I have no clue what to get." No need to worry anymore! We have the best ideas for the perfect gift for that tricky someone. Even better - all these ideas are from small and local businesses.


Finding a gift for your boss is always so stressful Is this too generic? Does it look like I put enough thought into this? Or too much thought? It’s time to get them something that they will love, and might just get you a raise. A great rule of thumb is to look for items that are affordable, makes life easier, for the office or their home or something that they have an interest in or a hobby. Here are a few possible gift ideas for your boss:

  1. Ceramic Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser & Good Morning Essential Oil Set
    This beautifully designed, high-frequency ultrasonic Diffuser, sprays the most refreshing mist throughout your space. Essential oils can provide health benefits such as stress relief and insomnia. Great gift for your boss, it can be useful for relaxing at the office or at home.
  2. Titanium Amour Wallet
    A sturdy wallet will be a great gift for your boss. Card-holder with magnetic closure and with a pocket for 20 cards are the best option. This Titanium Amour Wallet can carry cards, cash, and more at a fraction of the size of a traditional wallet.
  3. French Press & Pilot Coffee
    Nothing is better than a great cup of coffee to start your work day. Your boss will love to enjoy your smooth taste of Pilot Coffee from their brand new French Press. Definitely better than another mug that says "Best Boss Ever."


Coworkers - you see them at least 5 days a week, you know more about them than you may think. Many companies will play Secret Santa during the holidays as a way for coworkers to get to know everyone and do something special. If you are participating in this game or need a gift for a different occasion, we have some ideas for you:

  1. Evergreen Soy Candle
    The perfect gift for any coworker that's under $30! This classic scent of fresh balsam and pine is great for a close coworker or someone who's name you just learned this week.
  2. Plants
    Who doesn't love a good plant? Your coworker will love a plant to brighten up their desk or office. Even better, get them a plant with little-to-no maintenance, like a snake plant.
  3. Fresh Scents Candle & Room Spray Set
    Freshen up your coworkers office or living room with the Fresh Scents Set. The smell of clean linen and sea breeze candles, mixed with a beach room spray will be the perfect addition to their space.


It is very easy to choose a gift for your parents, husband, or siblings but choosing the proper present for the mother-in-law can be tricky. You want to make sure it's thoughtful and something she'll use. We've found the perfect gifts for her!

  1. Mini Candle Set
    Your Mother-In-Law will love being able to test out four amazing scents: Lavender Vanilla, Sapphire, Amber Wood and Sea Breeze. Give her the gift of variety and let her choose her favourites.
  2. Handmade Wood Sign
    She'll love a beautiful piece of home décor! Seriode Collective wood signs are for her living room, entryway or a great addition to the cottage. Even better - you can get these customized with something special to her.
  3. Personalized Jewelry
    Give her the gift of jewelry that speaks will speak to her. Luv Inspired offers a variety of chic and dainty jewelry that can be made especially for her.


Dad has been there for you through it all, and you love him for it. You want to give him the best gift ever, but it's always so hard to think of a great idea. The best way to show him how much you appreciate him is with a gift that he'll love. Whether it's Christmas, his birthday, or any other special occasion, show up with one of these unique gifts:

  1. Escape Room
    Doing an activity together is the best gift! Treat Dad to an escape room. If you are in Toronto, check out our favourite Escape Room at Casa Loma.
  2. Leather & Suede - Soy Candle & Reed Diffuser Set
    Give him the gift of indulgence. He will love this set that includes our best-selling Suede Candle and Leather Noir Reed Diffuser. This set will be great for bringing a new scent to his office or favourite space in the house.
  3. Craft Beer
    Insert info here. Another great Toronto company that we love is Black Lab Brewing. Not only is the beer phenomenal, but they are also pet-friendly! Pick up a few different beers as a gift or go visit with Dad and Dad's-Best-Friend (the family dog, of course).


These are just a few of the great gift ideas for the tricky someone. We hope that these ideas will help make holidays, birthdays, and other gift-giving occasions a little easier.

Leave a comment below of your favourite gifts to buy for the tricky people on your list!

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